ELGE: Economic Literacy for a Green Economy

Discover this online training program

Empower yourself by learning about economics that is relevant to environmental issues.

Learn at your own pace, in your preferred setting, with specially developed video tutorials and quizzes that support case-based learning, with live one-on-one coaching from economist Eric Miller.

This program is organized around six modules. Each module contains instructional videos, a quiz, a case with questions for you to answer, and two video testimonials from other economists about the case.

After you complete each module, you book time with Eric's online calendar to meet by video (or by phone) to review your answers to the case and quiz questions and any other matters you wish to discuss. Then you will be able to access the next module’s content.

The curriculum is focused on Canada but is also relevant for the USA and other OECD countries.

1: Markets in an economic and environmental context

2: Valuation of unpriced environmental benefits and burdens

3: Behaviour and how it can be affected

4: Trade-offs to be reconciled in public decisions

5: Measures of economic progress and sustainability

6: Transformation of economic policy and priorities

You do not need any previous training in economics. If you already have training or experience, you will still learn from this training. A classroom version of this curriculum benefited learners who had no training in economics and also some learners who called themselves economists.

You need an internet-enabled device with a minimum of a tablet-sized monitor. You need an adequate internet connection to allow you to watch streaming videos from our website. To meet the instructor online, you need a webcam and microphone if they are not already built into your device; if you do not have both, you can meet via telephone.

You can start whenever you wish, and finish within a few weeks or months.

You should budget a minimum of 1.5 hours to enjoy the content of each module on your own, plus half an hour for your online meeting with the instructor Eric Miller. You book time with the instructor's online calendar in any of his 50 weekly bookable timeslots.

Ideally you should setup regular weekly or biweekly times in your schedule to stay on track.

“I very much enjoyed the course, the modules were full of useful info and Eric was very patient and helpful (including following up with supporting resources) to assist me on my ecological economics journey.” -TB

“Especially beneficial for those with no economic background – provides a solid basis and thinking.” -SZ

“It is well formatted and critically shares current knowledge. Eric was very positive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.” - LA

“I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time.” -SB

“I highly recommend this insightful training program...” (read the rest on Linkedin)

Automated signup is on hold while Eric focuses on a derivative training project.

If you would like to join by special request, please contact the instructor Eric Miller by e-mailing him at eric followed by @elge.ca.

During 2017-2021, 59 people enrolled in this online training program, while another 160 people enrolled in its precursor in-person program that was hosted by Sustainability Network from 2015-2018.

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